Sunrise Citrus

Sunrise Citrus

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The Self Care Collection by Carolina captivates what it means to take care of yourself. The vibrant label and natural cork lid bring a sense of ease into your space. The relaxing and refreshing medley of fragrances help create an ideal peace of mind.

Feel the warmth of the sun with Sunrise Citrus. Poured into a 12.5-ounce jar and topped with a natural cork lid, this candle allows you to incorporate an organic touch to your décor. The clear label with a bold paint stroke is a simplistic and minimalistic addition to your space this spring. With this soothing fragrance it is impossible not to have a Self Care day!

Experience the sun awakening from night with Sunrise Citrus. Like crisp sunlight warming your skin, the joyful scents of lemon and orange lift your spirits. A waft of florals intermingles with the fruity notes to create a crisp breeze from the dewy morning in your home. These relaxing fragrances are poured into the soothing and creamy natural wax to captivate the wellness vibe whenever lit. The eye-catching paint stroke label is coupled with a natural cork lid for an organic addition to your home décor this season. Ground yourself with the revitalizing aromas and simplistic feel of the Self Care collection.

  • AWAKEN | Feel the rush of bursting citrus fruits with Sunrise Citrus. Juicy lemon and orange notes are paired with subtle hints of green florals for a sensational and relaxing fragrance.
  • Wake up your senses like a juicy fruit in the morning with Sunrise Citrus. Lemon and orange notes dominate this fragrance giving you the revitalization you've been looking for!
  • FRAGRANCE | T: lemon, orange M: lemon, mandarin, tangerine, floral, green B: floral
  • BURN | Featuring three premium cotton wicks, this soy blend candle boasts a premium fragrance load for a powerful experience.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 12.5 ounce candle is proudly poured in the USA. Our history of USA manufacturing guarantees a premium quality product.

  • Allow yourself to unwind from the stresses of everyday life with the Self Care Collection by Carolina Candle. Prioritize yourself while you breathe in the soothing fragrances of the Self Care Collection by Carolina. These fragrances will transport you to your happy place and add freshness to your space. The sleek jars and thin wooden lids blend seamlessly into any home decor and transcend any season. Take some time for yourself when the Self Care Collection is lit!

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    Sunrise Citrus