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Fill your hurricane lanterns with the highest quality pillar candles, add sophistication to your mantelpiece, add depth to your tablescape. Available in 3 sizes and a rainbow of colors.Colonial Candle Pillars are made of the highest quality wax and wicks, proudly made in Elkin North Carolina.
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Cranberry 3x4 PillarCranberry 3x4 Pillar
Cranberry 3x4 Pillar
Regular price$25.26
Cranberry 3x6 PillarCranberry 3x6 Pillar
Cranberry 3x6 Pillar
Regular price$31.58
Evergreen 3x4 PillarEvergreen 3x4 Pillar
Evergreen 3x4 Pillar
Regular price$25.26
Evergreen 3x6 PillarEvergreen 3x6 Pillar
Evergreen 3x6 Pillar
Regular price$31.58
Evergreen 3x9 PillarEvergreen 3x9 Pillar
Evergreen 3x9 Pillar
Regular price$18.95
Ivory 3x9 PillarIvory 3x9 Pillar
Ivory 3x9 Pillar
Regular price$18.95
Red 3x4 PillarRed 3x4 Pillar
Red 3x4 Pillar
Regular price$25.26
Red 3x6 PillarRed 3x6 Pillar
Red 3x6 Pillar
Regular price$31.58
White 3x4 PillarWhite 3x4 Pillar
White 3x4 Pillar
Regular price$25.26
White 3x9 PillarWhite 3x9 Pillar
White 3x9 Pillar
Regular price$15.79